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Culminating Project – Disabling Internet Access

10 months ago

1213 words

The internet is a free and wonderful place where all can gather and learn from one another. Yes…And no. There is an entire population that is left out of this equation: the disabled population. According to one of the many readings I encountered, “Persons with disabilities form the world’s largest minority according to the United…

Memes & Politics

10 months ago

336 words

I believe that memes are a wonderfully modern way to interact with politics or really anything that is going on in the world. Honestly, I’ve seen memes on Twitter and didn’t know what they were in references to and then ended up looking something up and learning about an important event that was happening. The…

Media Manipulation – Manosphere & The Alt-Right

10 months ago

510 words

Key Question: How do gender and race tie into the processes described in this document? Why is it important in understanding media manipulation?   How do certain groups use media in order to manipulate those who are weaker around them? In this post, I plan to explore the media manipulation which occurs in the “Manosphere” and the…

Privacy Dialogues

10 months ago

436 words

Privacy: does it even exist anymore? (This is a Gif, feel free to click on it!) With applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the slew of others that take over our entire world it seems impossible to have anything personal. Yes, you are choosing to post certain things on the internet, but how those…